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The book 'Dear President Obama...' first came to me in 2008. It wasn't until 2014 that I realized how important this would be for not only me but my unborn children. I wanted to write a letter to President Obama about everything I felt: outlining the many ways he inspires me and my feelings on what his presidency means to me. I wanted our President to know that his impact has influenced and helped shift the perception of my generation. As his influence transforms every area of my life, I want other people to share their experiences through the lens of his presidency. Like POTUS, I also want the voices of the underrepresented to be heard. I want their voice to be shared around this new Black history moment: how he has impacted the lives of a culture. My individual letters alone, won't be enough. We've got to come together as a community. Just as we've cherished the power of storytelling within our own families over the years, I wanted President Obama to have this book as a keepsake in his family for generations to come. This has been an unforgettable story in history, and I wanted to be able to seize it and share not only my thoughts and emotions but allow the opportunity for the world to share theirs as well. -Edward Griffin

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